flower bedOver the last several weeks many home gardeners have devoted time to preparing beds for planting, choosing flowers and plants, and creating beautiful displays in their yards.


Keeping your beds lush and lovely throughout the summer requires upkeep.  Here are a few things that should be done to maintain healthy blooms during the upcoming months:


  • Cut off the ‘deadheads’ from aging flowers on a regular basis


  • Remove excess buds from stems that have become too heavy; this is commonly done on dahlias, carnations and other flowers that grow many buds on one stem


  • Pinch, snip and shear plants to ensure stalks and stems do not get too stocky or heavy, causing them to droop or flop


With care and attention your flower beds will have beautiful blooms all summer long!


Please contact us if you are looking for assistance in maintaining your pride and joy! 

Beautiful Blooms: Caring for Your Flower Beds