spring flowersThe arrival of spring means it’s time to focus on maintenance tasks that ensure your lawn stays healthy throughout the summer.  Now is the time to clean, fertilize and mow your yard so that you can enjoy its beauty throughout the summer.

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http://diyitaliancitizenship.com/wp-json/oembed/1.0/embed?url=http://diyitaliancitizenship.com/italian-records-comune/italian-dual-citizenship-comune-province-list/ Cleaning and repairing – It’s time to check for uneven spots, bare patches and compaction of the soil that may have occurred over the colder winter months.

Reseeding – If you notice parts of your lawn that are bare or brown, it may be time to reseed.  Prior to doing this you will want to correct your soil composition (if necessary) and choose the seed variety that works best in southern Louisiana as well as that which is optimal for the amount of sunlight your yard receives.

Fertilizing – To promote the health of your grass as well as minimize the invasion of weeds, it’s time to apply a combination of herbicides and fertilizers. If you want your lawn to be thick, green and lush, the use of fertilizer can help you achieve these results.

Implementing your regular maintenance plan  – Whether you have St. Augustine, Zoysia or some other type of grass regular care and maintenance will ensure it is healthy and able to hold on to the nutrients that protect the soil and fight off weed infestation.  Frequent mowing that removes only the tips of the blades is best; it is less stressful to the grass and the small clippings can decompose more efficiently – adding nutritious organic matter back to the soil (a good thing!).

Spring Lawn Care Tips
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